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Jill Raiguel, MFT
About ten months ago, my doctor informed me that my blood pressure was too high. I was concerned but not surprised given the stress I’d been under for the last few years. Even with a busy practice, I had found the time to write a book. But, like a lot of us, it had taken a toll on my health. I had to create a plan to reduce my stress, and I’ll be sharing some of my plan with you. I use a specific breathing technique and visualization not only on myself, but with my patients to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and help your body and mind remember what it feels like to relax, calm and centered.
This is a fast and easy technique you can do anywhere anytime
My doctor told me, “I’m going to teach you a breathing technique that will slow you down, lower your blood pressure, and help you sleep.”
So I learned 4-7-8 breathing in about four minutes. She left me resting on her exam table to try my new breathing. Simply, breath in for four counts; hold for seven; breathe out like a candle for eight. I was to do that four times twice a day. After three weeks of regular practice using it twice daily, I could feel my stress lower when I did this.
Three months later, I’m in her office getting my blood pressure checked. “It’s a little high, but not bad.” “Give me a minute,” I said, and I did my 4-7-8 breathing. She too it again and it had dropped 25 points.
“That’s impressive, what did you do?” I explain. She says, “I need that, I have high blood pressure.”
Since then, I’ve taught 4-7-8 breathing to more than 60 people in my psychotherapy practice. I suggest they Google 4-7-8 breathing and watch You Tube Dr. Andrew Weil, well-known holistic physician. In his five-minute video, he is teaching a seminar how to do 4-7-8 breathing. Dr. Weil gently explains the technique, demonstrates it and tells some success stories. Originally from India, he does not know how it works, but he uses to help patients reduce anxiety and stress and release endorphins. I do my 4-7-8 breathing one time on my way to work and one time before I go to bed.

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Okay, I know Valentine’s Day was last week, but this was so important for me, I thought I should share it. I don’t know about you, but I used to feel left out on Valentine’s if I didn’t have a relationship or boyfriend. Everywhere I looked people were holding hands or buying each other flowers or sending cards… but not me. I felt left out, inadequate, less than. Not too long ago, I realized I could be my own Valentine. By that I mean, I could love myself, I could cherish myself whether I had a man or not. So on February 14, I buy myself a car or flowers or get a massage or do something nice just for me.
What would you do just for you? I don’t mean doing something destructive and necessarily expensive. It could be something very simple, like taking a long, hot bath.
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