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        The holidays! Too busy? Too much food? Too much money?  Getting stressed just thinking about all you have to do?  Here’s a terrific antidote my family has done for years: The Guess-A-Present Game.  It’s no calories, under $10, and guaranteed to make you laugh.

Our family started this game almost 50 years ago. My dad or I would search all year long for a wild, wacky, and very silly item that we’d wrap and pass around the Christmas eve dinner table.  Each person gets a yes or no question, like: Is it a household item? Is it a food? Is it a toy? Does it have a useful function?

Over the years the guess-a-present has been such crazy things as camel nose plugs, antique hair curlers, marinated shark jerky, Japanese baby shampoo hat.  And, this year it was a yodeling pickle.  Yes, that’s right.  A plastic toy pickle. You press a button and it yodels.  A must-have item.  And, we all had a great laugh. The person who guesses correctly gets to keep the item, and needs to find the next guess-a-present.

A couple of years ago, one cousin lamented that, since she only came to visit at Thanksgiving time, she never got to play this game.  So, now we play at Thanksgiving and at Christmas eve.

I share this simple game we invented because we all need some light-hearted laughs this season.  And, some of you may actually be brave and bold and silly enough to try it at your holiday table. If you do I’d love to hear how it went.

Jill Raiguel, MFT, author of Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery, former psychotherapist at Kohut Psychiatric Medical Group, and shamanic soul retrieval practitioner.  Visit www.jillibean.com or jillraiguel@gmail.com

Printed with permission from Rosemary Goodell.  See www.rosemarygoodell.com