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        Is your heart closed to love? Do you want to open up again but don’t know how? We all want more love in our lives. After a heart-breaking divorce, I definitely closed my heart center. It was just too painful to feel again.  But I’d lost my joy. I wanted to open up but I didn’t know how.

Through a caring friend, I discovered shamanism, an ancient set of techniques, that have many effective and safe uses.  With the help of a seasoned shamanic practitioner, I learned I’d had a power drain and a soul or self loss.  Be connecting me with my spiritual team, I regained the vital force I’d lost from several heart aches.  I was able to bring back lost parts of myself that had dissociated. First people call those lost parts soul loss.

Soul loss can be caused by any trauma: abuse, rape, car accident, surgery, divorce, job loss.  That soul loss can cause psychological and/or physical problems such as:  addiction, depression, phobia, anxiety, procrastination, stress, as well as stomach aches, TMJ, high blood pressure to name a few.

The results?   My depression lifted; I lost weight; I’m healthier than ever. I’ve since learned shamanic skills, so I can help others usually in one or two sessions.  Fifteen years later I done over 2000 shaman sessions.  Although results are never guaranteed, they can be life-changing.

If you have tried traditional  therapy and other modalities, and still feel stuck, shamanism may be able to help.  It may be able to create the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Printed with permission from Abraham Peraza,

Jill Raiguel, California Marriage and Family Therapist for over 35 years, is a soul retrieval practitioner.  She is the author of several books and articles including Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery.  For a sample chapter visit  She teaches her innovative techniques throughout the country to  practitioners and individuals alike. To learn more about how shamanism and soul retrieval might help you, email

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HybiscusBE YOUR OWN VALENTINE – Jill Raiguel, MFT

Okay, I know Valentine’s Day is coming up. /Are you ready for hears and flowers? Are you wanting that heart-shaped box of candy?  I don’t know about you, but I used to feel left out on Valentine’s if I didn’t have  boyfriend. Everywhere I looked people were holding hands or buying each other flowers or sending cards… but not me.  I felt left out, inadequate, less than.  Not too long ago, I realized I could be my own Valentine. By that I mean, I could love myself, I could cherish myself whether I had a man or not.  So on February 14, I buy myself a card or flowers or get a massage or do something nice just for me.

What would you do just for you?  I don’t mean doing something destructive and necessarily expensive. It could be something very simple, like taking a long, hot bath.

JILL RAIGUEL, MFT, is the author of Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery as well as several books and articles. Retried from her psychotherapy practice at Kohut Psychiatric Medical Group,  she has a private practice using her innovative and shamanic techniques.  Visit or

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