You Raise Me Up- Jill Raiguel MFT

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          Songs like “You Raise Me Up” are my musical friends; you probably have songs like that too. Music that lifts you up, that inspires you; that brings back wonderful memories of whom you were dancing with  or what you are doing.

            Maybe 10 years ago now, I heard Josh Groban sing “You Raise Me Up,” and that inspired me to study voice again. I didn’t want to be a baritone like Josh, but I wanted the freedom and ease and richness that his voice has.  I have been studying ever since, and my singing has brought me great joy.

During these years, “You Raise Me Up” has become a musical friend.  I’ve sung it at my church, at two memorial services and at a wedding.   I always smile even when I sing it in the shower. But, my favorite performance of “You Raise Me Up” was for my favorite teacher of all time, Mr. Blair.

I auditioned for his church choir, and presented the choir director with my idea: I told him Mr. Blair was my fifth grade teacher who become a wonderful family friend. I’d like to sing this song and dedicate it to him.  The choir director loved the idea! So, on the appointed Sunday, he hid me behind the piano until my solo.  Then, I stood up and sang.  Mr. Blair was so surprised.  One month later he died quite suddenly. His family, friends and thousands of former students were shocked and so was I.  But I am so glad I had let him know that he had raised me up.

So, I invite you to let a person that is important to you, that has raised you up,… let him or her know the difference he or she has made in your life.  And, if you have not heard the song, give yourself a treat and listen to Josh Groban on YouTube sing it.  It has raised me up.

JILL RAIGUEL, MFT, is the author of several books and articles including her latest, Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery.  A retired psychotherapist from Kohut Psychiatric Medical Group, she has a private practice using her alternative and shamanic techniques.

Artwork by Robert Simola

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