030714 02 pc.pngTREASURE MAPPING – Jill Raiguel, MFT

Wow! It’s January, 2016, the time when many of us write New Year’s Resolutions. So, it’s the perfect time to blog about setting goals, a chapter from my book; and treasure mapping, a fun and visual way to set your goals and dreams on paper.

When my sister and I were little girls, mom would say, “We’re going to take a road trip this summer. Let’s get out the maps.” We’d plan our route: how long each day would take, how we’d pack the car, snacks we’d take, songs we’d sing. She even had each of us clean out a dresser drawer — the trip drawer.  For weeks, she’d buy items for the trip–they went in the trip drawer.  Things like a new tooth brush, new tennis shoes.

Looking back, I appreciate that she was teaching us far more than planning a vacation. She was teaching us the fun of setting a goal, making a plan, anticipating the journey and taking steps to make it reality. She built in the joy of planning our vacation. As an adult, my sister plans huge events and manages sophisticated accounts professionally; I write books, teach and plan courses and workshops.  We’re both invigorated and get great satisfaction from planning and actualizing goals.

But, I want to focus on one fun particularly planning tool, treasure mapping. By treasure mapping or vision boarding, I mean making a visual collage of your goals and dreams. You could make a vision board of your future job, or the relationship you want. I made one of the new home I wanted; and I have everything I put on the board. Use a file folder, or opened paper bag or piece of tag board.  Find magazine pictures that represent your goals.  Cut them out and paste them onto your board.  Take your time assembling the collage.

Put the collage where you can see it daily, so those images get into your brain. Barbara Laporte’s book, Goal Achievement Through Treasure Mapping, gives you more details. Once you’ve reviewed your collage, see if you want to change anything. Many folks I know who’ve done this process have found they get what they put on the collage, so be careful what you ask for.  And, have FUN!!

Jill Raiguel, MFT, has retired from as a psychotherapist at Kohut Psychiatric medical Group in San Bernardino, Ca., and she has a private practice using her shamanic tools. The author of several books, her latest, Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery for the Genius  has other fun and easy life skills lessons. She has a shamanic soul retrieval practice at To read a sample chapter see

Printed with permission from CBFractals.

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