Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken for the Soul, said, “Let joy be your GPS.”

With the recent shootings in San Bernardino, California, we can easily get over-focused on fear.  Some may start to worry too much; and some may even get hyper-vigilant.  That means the terrorists have won; they’ve intimidated us.  And, it’s so easy to fall victim to our fears when violent news clips are plastered all over the TV and social media all day long.

Well, I choose not to be afraid and intimidated.  But as a therapist, I know I have to substitute something positive in its place.  I need to distract myself with positive images and positive messages.

Then, I happened to listen to Jack Canfield being interviewed on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday. Jack said, “Let joy be your GPS.” That was just what I needed; I choose to focus on joy. That doesn’t mean I don’t care or have compassion for victims and their families; it means I can’t get stuck on the violence and horrors.  And, as a highly sensitive person, I can do that easily.

What gives me joy?  Singing my favorite Christmas carols; visiting friends; seeing holiday lights; looking at a flower.  And, my little two-year-old neighbor saying, “Hi, Jill,” as best she can.  What gives you joy?

But Jack has a bigger message than just what brings you joy.  He means use joy as your inner guidance system.  If what I’m doing brings me joy, its right. That tells me I to keep it in my life.  If not, it’s not right. What a simply, but powerful message!

What gives you joy? What drains you of joy and energy?  What are you doing based on “shoulds?” So, this season I choose joy over fear.  I will be alert but not afraid.  I’ll focus on the light, and not the dark. And,  I’ll put  a sticky note on my computer that says:  LET JOY BE MY GPS.  Thanks, Jack.

Jill Raiguel, MFT, is the author of Alternative Healing Beyond Recovery, psychotherapist and shamanic soul retrieval practitioner.  Visit www.jillibean.com for more or jillraiguel@gmail.com.

Photo printed with permission from Abraham Peraza, www.abrahamperaza


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