neurofeedbackWHAT IS NEUROFEEDBACK? – Jill Raiguel, MFT


Recently, I was discussing Neurofeedback with my colleague Catherine Boyer, LCSW. Below she describes what it is and how it might be helpful.

Your brain is the most complex system on Earth. It possesses an amazing ability to organize itself. Neurofeedback works with the electrical activity of that system and gives your brain the opportunity to use that amazing ability to regulate itself in the way that’s right for you.

By pauses in a sound stream that are precisely timed to state shifts in your brain, NeurOptimal® neurofeedback gives your brain information on what it’s doing. Your brain then uses that information to re-normalize itself.

How this will manifest in your life is up to your CNS – the Central Nervous System, your brain and spinal cord. It will use the information it’s getting in the way that’s right for you. That makes NeurOptimal® very side effect free.

I’m writing specifically about NeurOptimal® because I believe it’s the state of the art in neurofeedback. Traditional protocol-based neurofeedback encourages the brain to move in specific, pre-determined directions. It can be very helpful, but it’s also side effect prone. NeurOptimal®, because it empowers your CNS to make the changes that are right for you, is virtually side effect free.


Neurofeedback is not new. It has been around for about half a century, gradually becoming more and more comprehensive and sophisticated. If you want to perform at your best or improve your sleep or concentration; or if there is something you want less of, perhaps anxiety, loss of focus, depression, anger, sleep problems or headaches, it is likely that neurofeedback can help you.

To read more, visit my colleague Catherine Boyer’s New York Neurofeedback website.

Link for New York Neurofeedback:



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